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The Best Casino Table Games
Posted by Ace
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Not everybody loves to hit the slots at online casinos. While slot machines make up the lion’s share of games at any typical online casino, there are plenty of other options which you can get to grips with if you fancy a touch of something different. Table games make up the more traditional selection of online casino games you can play, and there are quite a few of those for you to choose.


Considered a high stakes game by many players (although that is mainly in part to it frequently appearing in James Bond films), baccarat can also be played for smaller stakes. The game is also known as Punto Banco.

In baccarat, players can choose to back either the banker or player hands – or a tie if they are feeling adventurous. The primary goal is to get as near to 9 points as possible, with all cards counting for their numerical value, with 10s and faces counting as zero, and aces as one. Should both your cards add up to a sum higher than nine, you only count the last digit in the total. So, if you have 15, this becomes 5. A third card may need to be taken (according to third-card rules) with the winner being the hand closest to 9 points.


Arguably the simplest of all casino table games, and the one that most of us learn how to play in our childhood, blackjack probably needs no introduction to you. This game comes in many variants, each with their own take on the rules, although the fundamental principle of blackjack remains the same. Try to beat the dealer’s hand value by getting as close to 21 points as possible without going bust.

In blackjack, all hands count for their numerical value, with face cards representing 10s and aces either 1s or 11s. Players can stand, hit, double down, take insurance bets, or split when playing proper blackjack, and the game is so popular it is found in virtually all major casinos.


Another major casino title for players is roulette. Roulette also comes in several variants, such as American, French and European. The latter two games are more popular, though, since they only contain a single zero pocket to the two roulette pockets in American roulette. Roulette is a game played with a ball and a wheel, and 36 numbered pockets. Should the ball land in the zero pocket(s), players will lose their bet unless special La Partage or En Prison rules are used.

Roulette bets can take two forms, inside or outside bets. Outside bets are more likely to come off (such as reds, blacks, odds and evens) although you win less. Inside bets are less likely but offer far better payouts, with typical bets including straight up single number bets and trios, for instance. If the ball lands in a pocket favourable to your bet, you win whatever the paytable dictates related to your bet.

Texas Hold’em Poker

We’re not going to go too deep into Texas Hold’em here, but as you will be aware, this is a hugely popular poker game, the most popular on the net at the minute. As its name suggests, this is a hold’em game, which is played with two-hole cards (your cards), over four betting rounds, and features a showdown. The flop consists of three cards, followed by the turn and river cards. In-between each community card being drawn a round of betting takes place.

Raising, calling and folding are all valid moves in Texas Hold’em poker, as you try and bluff, connive and outplay your opponents to win cash. It is one of the few top casino table games which is not played against the dealer, but other opponents.

Three Card Poker

If Texas Hold’em poker is a touch too challenging for you, there is always three-card poker. This game sees players dealt three cards after an ante bet. They must then decide whether to play (by matching the ante bet) or fold. With their three cards, players are trying to beat the dealer with their hand. If the dealer doesn’t have a Queen-High or better, the bet is returned to the player, and the ante bet is paid out at 1:1. This game can come with a few side-bets, some of which include Pair Plus, making it an exciting addition to any online casino.

Live Dealer Table Games

All the above represent the best casino table games you can play. However, if you want an added touch of realism to those games, all are also available to play as live dealer casino games. These games are played out via a live video stream, with a human dealer acting out the action. If you’re interested in playing the best casino table games at the next level, live dealer table games are the way to go.